Briggs & Stratton Genuine Kit-Carb Overhaul 716143

OEM Number Description Dimensions
716143 Genuine Briggs & Stratton Kit-Carb Overhaul N/A

Fits Briggs and Stratton Models
117431-0550-E1 Engine
117432-0036-01 Engine
117432-0036-02 Engine
117432-0102-01 Engine
117432-0134-01 Engine
117432-0155-01 Engine
117432-0190-01 Engine
117432-0193-01 Engine
117432-0194-01 Engine
117432-0196-01 Engine
117432-0198-01 Engine
117432-0235-B1 Engine
117432-0235-B2 Engine
117432-0235-E1 Engine
117432-0235-E2 Engine
117432-0236-A1 Engine
117432-0236-B1 Engine
117432-0236-E1 Engine
117432-0236-E2 Engine
117432-0236-E3 Engine
117432-0238-B1 Engine
117432-0238-E1 Engine
117432-0247-E1 Engine
117432-0247-E2 Engine
117432-0256-E1 Engine
117432-0260-E1 Engine
117432-0281-B1 Engine
117432-0281-E1 Engine
117432-0502-B1 Engine
117432-0502-E1 Engine
117432-0505-E1 Engine
117432-0530-E1 Engine
117432-0550-A1 Engine
117432-0550-E1 Engine
117432-0551-A1 Engine
117432-0551-E1 Engine
117432-0552-A1 Engine
117432-0552-E1 Engine
117432-0553-A1 Engine
117432-0553-E1 Engine
117432-0555-E1 Engine
117432-0581-A1 Engine
117432-0581-E1 Engine
117432-0583-B1 Engine
117432-0583-E1 Engine
117432-0586-B1 Engine
117432-0586-E1 Engine
117432-0592-E1 Engine
117432-0594-B1 Engine
117432-0594-E1 Engine
117432-0597-E1 Engine
117432-0603-E1 Engine
117432-0604-B1 Engine
117432-0604-E1 Engine
117432-0605-01 Engine
117432-0606-01 Engine
117432-0608-E1 Engine
117432-0612-B1 Engine
117432-0612-E1 Engine
117432-0614-B1 Engine
117432-0614-E1 Engine
117432-0616-01 Engine
117432-0622-B1 Engine
117432-0622-E1 Engine
117432-0623-B1 Engine
117432-0623-E1 Engine
117432-0626-B1 Engine
117432-0626-E1 Engine
117436-0242-B1 Engine
117436-0242-E1 Engine
117436-0558-E1 Engine
117437-0239-B1 Engine
117437-0239-E1 Engine
117437-0595-E1 Engine
117437-0596-E1 Engine
117437-0600-E1 Engine
117437-0613-B1 Engine
117437-0613-E1 Engine
117437-0628-B1 Engine
117437-0628-E1 Engine
117462-0101-01 Engine
117462-0135-01 Engine
117462-0189-01 Engine
117462-0192-01 Engine
117462-0197-01 Engine
117462-0501-B1 Engine
117462-0501-B2 Engine
117462-0501-E1 Engine
117462-0501-E2 Engine
117462-0504-01 Engine
117462-0504-E1 Engine
117462-0535-E1 Engine
117462-0582-E1 Engine


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  • Product Warranty: 3 Months Warranty
  • Manufactured by: Briggs & Stratton
  • Condition: NEW
  • SKU: 716143

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