Briggs & Stratton Genuine Carburetor 796258, 796259


OEM Number Description Dimensions
796258, 796259 Genuine Briggs & Stratton Carburetor N/A



Fits Briggs and Stratton Models
406777-0121-B1 Engine
406777-0132-B1 Engine
406777-0168-B1 Engine
406777-0170-B1 Engine
406777-0172-B1 Engine
406777-0173-B1 Engine
406777-0442-B1 Engine
406777-0724-B1 Engine
406777-1239-B1 Engine
406777-1404-G1 Engine
406777-1518-B1 Engine
406777-1584-G5 Engine
406777-2271-B1 Engine
406777-2442-G1 Engine
406777-2442-G5 Engine
406777-2724-G1 Engine
406777-2724-G5 Engine
406777-3216-B1 Engine
406777-4442-G1 Engine
406777-4442-G5 Engine
406777-5121-B1 Engine
406777-5170-B1 Engine
407777-0027-E1 Engine
407777-0100-B1 Engine
407777-0100-E1 Engine
407777-0102-B1 Engine
407777-0110-B1 Engine
407777-0116-B1 Engine
407777-0117-E1 Engine
407777-0118-E1 Engine
407777-0119-E1 Engine
407777-0119-E3 Engine
407777-0120-E1 Engine
407777-0121-E1 Engine
407777-0121-E2 Engine
407777-0121-E3 Engine
407777-0121-E4 Engine
407777-0121-E5 Engine
407777-0122-E1 Engine
407777-0122-E2 Engine
407777-0122-E3 Engine
407777-0124-E1 Engine
407777-0124-E5 Engine
407777-0125-E1 Engine
407777-0126-E1 Engine
407777-0127-B1 Engine
407777-0128-E1 Engine
407777-0130-E1 Engine
407777-0131-B1 Engine
407777-0131-E1 Engine
407777-0131-E2 Engine
407777-0135-E1 Engine
407777-0137-E1 Engine
407777-0138-E1 Engine
407777-0138-E2 Engine
407777-0143-B1 Engine
407777-0145-G1 Engine
407777-0145-G2 Engine
407777-0146-B1 Engine
407777-0146-B2 Engine
407777-0147-E1 Engine
407777-0148-B1 Engine
407777-0149-B1 Engine
407777-0150-B1 Engine
407777-0151-B1 Engine
407777-0151-B2 Engine
407777-0152-B1 Engine
407777-0156-E1 Engine
407777-0167-E1 Engine
407777-0171-B1 Engine
407777-0171-E1 Engine
407777-0174-B1 Engine
407777-0174-E1 Engine
407777-0176-E1 Engine
407777-0178-B1 Engine
407777-0178-B2 Engine
407777-0184-E1 Engine
407777-0187-E1 Engine
407777-0188-B1 Engine
407777-0188-B2 Engine
407777-0189-G1 Engine
407777-0189-G2 Engine
407777-0204-E1 Engine
407777-0205-E1 Engine
407777-0218-E1 Engine
407777-0219-E1 Engine
407777-0229-E1 Engine
407777-0230-E1 Engine
407777-0231-B1 Engine
407777-0232-B1 Engine
407777-0232-B2 Engine
407777-0232-B3 Engine
407777-0232-B4 Engine
407777-0255-E1 Engine
407777-0260-E1 Engine
407777-0268-E1 Engine
407777-0270-B1 Engine
407777-0271-B1 Engine
407777-0272-G1 Engine
407777-0272-G2 Engine
407777-0273-B1 Engine
407777-0274-G5 Engine
407777-0274-G6 Engine
407777-0281-B1 Engine
407777-0281-B2 Engine
407777-0281-B5 Engine
407777-0282-B1 Engine
407777-0282-B2 Engine
407777-0283-G1 Engine
407777-0283-G5 Engine
407777-0283-G6 Engine
407777-0284-B1 Engine
407777-0284-B2 Engine
407777-0284-B5 Engine
407777-0284-B6 Engine
407777-0285-B1 Engine
407777-0285-B2 Engine
407777-0405-B1 Engine
407777-0550-B1 Engine
407777-0550-E1 Engine
407777-0687-B1 Engine
407777-0801-B1 Engine
407777-0964-B1 Engine
407777-0964-G1 Engine
407777-0967-B1 Engine
407777-0969-B1 Engine
407777-0970-B1 Engine
407777-0971-B1 Engine
407777-0972-B1 Engine
407777-0974-B1 Engine
407777-0975-B1 Engine
407777-1195-B1 Engine
407777-1195-G1 Engine
407777-1217-B1 Engine
407777-1331-B1 Engine
407777-1338-B1 Engine
407777-1519-B1 Engine
407777-1569-G1 Engine
407777-1569-G5 Engine
407777-1574-G5 Engine
407777-1580-G1 Engine
407777-1595-B1 Engine
407777-2195-G1 Engine
407777-2195-G5 Engine
407777-2217-G1 Engine
407777-2217-G5 Engine
407777-4146-B1 Engine
407777-4195-G1 Engine
407777-4195-G5 Engine
407777-5127-B1 Engine



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  • Availability: Special Order
  • Product Warranty: 3 Months Warranty
  • Manufactured by: Briggs & Stratton
  • Condition: NEW
  • SKU: 796258

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