Briggs & Stratton Genuine Gasket-Cylinder Head 791716

OEM Number Description Dimensions
791716 Genuine Briggs & Stratton Gasket-Cylinder Head N/A

Fits Briggs and Stratton Models
15Z100 Series (0111) Engine
15B100 Series (0018-0645) Engine
15C100 Series (0111-0939) Engine
15D100 Series (0111-0918) Engine
15Z300 Series (0111-0112) Engine
15A114-0342-E1 Small Engine
150112-0023-E1 Engine
150112-0023-E9 Engine
150112-0060-E1 Engine
150112-0060-E9 Engine
150112-0110-E1 Engine
150112-0110-E9 Engine
150112-0112-E1 Engine
150112-0114-E1 Engine
150112-0114-E9 Engine
150112-0117-E9 Engine
150112-0118-E9 Engine
150112-0122-E1 Engine
150112-0126-B8 Engine
150112-0126-E8 Engine
150112-0408-E1 Engine
150112-0408-E2 Engine
150112-0408-E9 Engine
150112-0409-B1 Engine
150112-0409-B8 Engine
150112-0409-B9 Engine
150112-0532-E9 Engine
150112-0533-B8 Engine
150112-0533-B9 Engine
150112-0586-B8 Engine
150112-0586-E8 Engine
150112-2023-B8 Engine
150112-2023-E9 Engine
150112-2060-B8 Engine
150112-2060-E9 Engine
150112-2110-B8 Engine
150112-2110-E9 Engine
150112-2117-B8 Engine
150112-2117-E9 Engine
150112-2409-B8 Engine
150112-2409-B9 Engine
150117-0123-B8 Engine
150117-0596-B8 Engine
150132-0120-B8 Engine
150132-0120-E9 Engine
150132-2120-B8 Engine
150132-2120-E9 Engine
150192-0119-E9 Engine
150192-2119-E9 Engine
150202-0131-B8 Engine
150202-0132-H8 Engine
150202-0974-H8 Engine
150212-0008-B8 Engine
150212-0008-H8 Engine
150212-0111-B8 Engine
150212-0115-B8 Engine
150212-0115-E1 Engine
150212-0119-E9 Engine
150212-0120-B8 Engine
150212-0120-E9 Engine
150212-0121-E1 Engine
150212-0122-B8 Engine
150212-0122-E9 Engine
150212-0124-B8 Engine
150212-0125-B8 Engine
150212-0126-B8 Engine
150212-0127-B8 Engine
150212-0127-H8 Engine
150212-0128-B8 Engine
150212-0129-E9 Engine
150212-0523-E9 Engine
150212-0526-E9 Engine
150212-0560-E9 Engine
150212-0658-B8 Engine
150212-0747-B8 Engine
150212-0755-B8 Engine
150212-0755-H8 Engine
150212-2119-B8 Engine
150212-2119-E9 Engine
150212-2121-E8 Engine
150212-2523-B8 Engine
150212-2523-E9 Engine
150212-2523-H8 Engine
150212-2526-B8 Engine
150212-2526-E9 Engine
150212-2560-B8 Engine
150212-2560-E9 Engine
150212-2560-H8 Engine
150217-0130-B8 Engine
150217-0749-B8 Engine
150232-0114-B8 Engine
150232-0114-E9 Engine
150232-0117-E9 Engine
150232-2117-E9 Engine
150232-2536-B8 Engine
150232-2536-E9 Engine
150232-2536-H8 Engine
150237-2550-B8 Engine
150237-2550-H8 Engine
150292-0113-B8 Engine
150292-2571-B8 Engine
150292-2571-E9 Engine
150292-2571-H8 Engine
150297-0112-B8 Engine
150312-0112-E1 Engine
150312-0112-E8 Engine
150315-0111-E1 Engine
150315-0111-E8 Engine
157102-1013-E8 Engine
157102-1015-E8 Engine
157112-0590-E8 Engine
157117-0591-E8 Engine
157202-1014-E8 Engine
157302-1065-E8 Engine
157312-0110-E8 Engine
15T212-1128-F8 Engine


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  • Availability: Special Order
  • Product Warranty: 3 Months Warranty
  • Manufactured by: Briggs & Stratton
  • Condition: NEW
  • SKU: 791716

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