Briggs & Stratton Genuine Crankshaft 796256, 790132

OEM Number Description Dimensions
796256, 790132 Genuine Briggs & Stratton Crankshaft N/A

Fits Briggs and Stratton Models
40H777-0025-G5 Engine
40H777-0026-E1 Engine
40H777-0117-G1 Engine
40H777-0124-G1 Engine
40H777-0138-G1 Engine
40H777-0138-G5 Engine
40H777-0241-B1 Engine
40H777-0241-E1 Engine
40H777-0241-E2 Engine
40H777-5138-G5 Engine
44L977-0001-G5 Engine
44K777-0026-E1 Engine
44K777-0026-G1 Engine
44L777-0026-G1 Engine
44L777-0036-G1 Engine
44L777-0136-G1 Engine
44M777-0128-B1 Engine
44M777-0146-B1 Engine
44M777-0174-G5 Engine
44M777-2146-G1 Engine
44M777-2146-G5 Engine
44M977-0938-G5 Engine
44P777-0016-E1 Engine
44P777-0016-G1 Engine
44P777-0026-B1 Engine
44P777-0026-E1 Engine
44P777-0026-G1 Engine
44P777-0110-E1 Engine
44P777-0110-G1 Engine
44P777-0111-B1 Engine
44P777-0111-E1 Engine
44P777-0115-B1 Engine
44P777-0115-E1 Engine
44P777-0120-B1 Engine
44P777-0120-E1 Engine
44P777-0120-G1 Engine
44P777-0128-B1 Engine
44P777-0128-G1 Engine
44P777-0133-G1 Engine
44P777-0136-G1 Engine
44P777-0137-G1 Engine
44P777-0139-G1 Engine
44P777-0151-G1 Engine
44P777-0156-G1 Engine
44P777-0160-G1 Engine
44P777-0162-G1 Engine
44P777-0185-G5 Engine
44P777-0412-B1 Engine
44P777-0412-E1 Engine
44P777-0884-B1 Engine
44P777-0884-E1 Engine
44P777-1202-B1 Engine
44P777-1388-B1 Engine
44P777-2156-G1 Engine
44P777-2156-G5 Engine
44P777-2162-G1 Engine
44P777-2162-G5 Engine
44P777-4448-G5 Engine
44P777-5156-G5 Engine
44P777-5162-G5 Engine
44P977-0111-G5 Engine
44Q777-5142-B1 Engine
44Q777-5145-G5 Engine
44Q777-5149-G5 Engine
44Q777-5583-G5 Engine
44Q977-0200-G5 Engine
44Q777-0006-G1 Engine
44Q777-0036-G1 Engine
44Q777-0046-G1 Engine
44Q777-0120-G1 Engine
44Q777-0126-G1 Engine
44Q777-0136-G1 Engine
44Q777-0142-B1 Engine
44Q777-0145-G1 Engine
44Q777-0145-G5 Engine
44Q777-0149-G1 Engine
44Q777-0149-G5 Engine
44Q777-1208-B1 Engine
44Q777-1272-B1 Engine
44Q777-1272-G1 Engine
44Q777-1406-B1 Engine
44Q777-1406-G1 Engine
44Q777-1583-G5 Engine
44Q777-1604-G5 Engine
44Q777-2406-G1 Engine
44Q777-2406-G5 Engine
44Q777-3136-G5 Engine
44Q777-5136-G5 Engine
407777-0120-E1 Engine
407777-0122-E1 Engine
407777-0122-E2 Engine
407777-0122-E3 Engine
407777-0171-B1 Engine
407777-0171-E1 Engine
407777-0218-E1 Engine
407777-0970-B1 Engine
441677-0112-B1 Engine
441677-0112-E1 Engine
441677-0702-B1 Engine
441677-0702-E1 Engine
441677-0796-B1 Engine
441677-0796-E1 Engine
441777-0722-E1 Engine
441777-0788-B1 Engine
441777-0788-E1 Engine
441777-0800-B1 Engine
441777-0800-E1 Engine
441777-0026-E1 Engine
441777-0026-G1 Engine
441777-0568-B1 Engine
441777-0568-E1 Engine
445577-0026-G1 Engine
445577-0036-G1 Engine
445577-0140-B1 Engine
445577-0595-B1 Engine
445577-0595-E1 Engine
445577-0864-B1 Engine
445577-0864-E1 Engine
445677-0002-B1 Engine
445677-0116-B1 Engine
445677-0127-B1 Engine
445677-0476-B1 Engine
445677-0476-E1 Engine
445677-0759-B1 Engine
445677-0759-E1 Engine
445677-0759-G1 Engine
445677-1145-B1 Engine
445677-1201-B1 Engine
445677-1201-G1 Engine
445677-3201-G5 Engine
445577-1318-B1 Engine
445577-1511-E1 Engine
445577-3036-G5 Engine
445977-1092-B1 Engine
445877-0141-G5 Engine
445877-0569-B1 Engine
445877-0569-E1 Engine
445877-0760-B1 Engine
445877-0760-E1 Engine
445877-0760-G1 Engine
445877-1189-B1 Engine
445877-1592-B1 Engine
445877-1760-B1 Engine


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  • Product Warranty: 3 Months Warranty
  • Manufactured by: Briggs & Stratton
  • Condition: NEW
  • SKU: 796256

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