Briggs & Stratton Genuine Crankshaft 791421


OEM Number Description Dimensions
791421 Genuine Briggs & Stratton Crankshaft N/A



Fits Briggs and Stratton Models
91200 Series (0002-1385) Engine
92200 Series (0007-1250) Engine
93400 Series (0010-1286) Engine
9K400 Series Engine
091202-1231-E1 Engine
09K432-0024-01 Engine
09K432-0115-01 Engine
091232-0800-01 Engine
091232-1014-E1 Engine
091232-1020-E1 Engine
091232-1034-E1 Engine
091232-1034-E2 Engine
091232-1035-E1 Engine
091232-1035-E2 Engine
091232-1047-E1 Engine
091232-1054-E1 Engine
091232-1061-E1 Engine
091232-1207-E1 Engine
091232-1213-E1 Engine
091232-1214-E1 Engine
091232-1215-E2 Engine
091232-1218-E2 Engine
091232-1224-E1 Engine
091232-1227-E1 Engine
091232-1229-B1 Engine
091232-1229-E1 Engine
091232-1234-E1 Engine
091232-1253-E1 Engine
091232-1265-E1 Engine
091232-1298-E1 Engine
091232-1310-E1 Engine
091232-1323-E1 Engine
091232-1325-E1 Engine
091232-1328-E1 Engine
091232-1332-E1 Engine
091232-1362-E1 Engine
091232-1363-E1 Engine
091232-1364-E1 Engine
091232-1365-E1 Engine
091232-1369-E1 Engine
091232-1375-E1 Engine
091232-1378-E1 Engine
092232-1007-E1 Engine
092232-1035-E1 Engine
092232-1230-E1 Engine
092232-1241-E1 Engine
092232-1243-E1 Engine
092232-1244-E1 Engine
092232-1245-E1 Engine
092232-1247-E1 Engine
092232-1249-E1 Engine
093432-1286-B1 Engine
093332-0030-B1 Engine
093332-0030-E1 Engine
093332-0035-B1 Engine
093332-0035-E1 Engine
093332-0111-B1 Engine
093332-0116-B1 Engine
093332-0116-E1 Engine
093332-0122-B1 Engine
093332-0122-B2 Engine
093332-0122-E1 Engine
093332-0122-E2 Engine
093332-0129-B1 Engine
093332-0129-E1 Engine
093332-0132-B1 Engine
093332-0132-E1 Engine
093332-0140-B1 Engine
093332-0140-E1 Engine
093332-0143-B1 Engine
093332-0143-E1 Engine
093332-0147-B1 Engine
093332-0149-B1 Engine
093332-0149-E1 Engine
093332-0152-E1 Engine
093332-0167-B1 Engine
093432-0160-01 Engine
093432-0192-B1 Engine
093432-1036-B1 Engine
093432-1036-E1 Engine
093432-1240-B1 Engine
093432-1240-E1 Engine
093432-1281-B1 Engine
093432-1281-E1 Engine
094032-0035-B1 Engine
094032-0035-E1 Engine
094032-0111-B1 Engine
094032-0111-E1 Engine
094032-0113-E1 Engine
094032-0114-B1 Engine
094032-0114-E1 Engine
094032-0114-E2 Engine
094032-0116-B1 Engine
094032-0116-E1 Engine
094032-0120-B1 Engine
094032-0120-E1 Engine



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  • Availability: 0 Units in Stock
  • Availability: NO LONGER AVAILABLE
  • Product Warranty: -
  • Manufactured by: Briggs & Stratton
  • Condition: NEW
  • SKU: 791421

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