Briggs & Stratton Genuine Drive-Starter 496881

OEM Number Description Dimensions
496881 Genuine Briggs & Stratton Drive-Starter N/A

Fits Briggs and Stratton Models
351447-1077-E1 Engine
235432-0035-01 Engine
235432-0037-01 Engine
235432-0042-01 Engine
235432-0047-01 Engine
235432-0058-01 Engine
235432-0070-01 Engine
235432-0071-01 Engine
235432-0083-01 Engine
235432-0090-01 Engine
235432-0120-01 Engine
235432-0122-01 Engine
235432-0235-A1 Engine
235432-0235-B2 Engine
235432-0235-E1 Engine
235432-0235-E2 Engine
235432-0235-E9 Engine
235432-0247-E1 Engine
235432-0290-B1 Engine
235432-0290-E1 Engine
235432-0290-E2 Engine
235432-0290-E9 Engine
235432-0520-B1 Engine
235432-0520-E1 Engine
235432-0520-E9 Engine
235432-0540-B1 Engine
235432-0540-E1 Engine
235432-0540-E9 Engine
235432-0561-B1 Engine
235432-0561-E1 Engine
235432-0561-E9 Engine
235432-0595-B1 Engine
235432-0595-E1 Engine
235432-0596-B1 Engine
235432-0596-E1 Engine
235436-0122-01 Engine
235437-0043-01 Engine
235437-0074-01 Engine
235437-0076-01 Engine
235437-0080-01 Engine
235437-0084-01 Engine
235437-0276-E1 Engine
235437-0276-E9 Engine
235437-0280-B1 Engine
235437-0280-E1 Engine
235437-0280-E9 Engine
235437-0284-B1 Engine
235437-0284-E1 Engine
235437-0284-E2 Engine
235437-0284-E9 Engine
235437-0522-B1 Engine
235437-0522-E1 Engine
235437-0522-E9 Engine
245430-0299-B1 Engine
245430-0299-E1 Engine
245432-0035-01 Engine
245432-0042-01 Engine
245432-0047-01 Engine
245432-0047-02 Engine
245432-0058-01 Engine
245432-0070-01 Engine
245432-0071-01 Engine
245432-0083-01 Engine
245432-0090-01 Engine
245432-0121-01 Engine
245432-0235-A1 Engine
245432-0235-E1 Engine
245432-0235-E2 Engine
245432-0235-E3 Engine
245432-0235-E9 Engine
245432-0242-E1 Engine
245432-0247-A1 Engine
245432-0247-E1 Engine
245432-0247-E2 Engine
245432-0247-E9 Engine
245432-0261-E1 Engine
245432-0270-A1 Engine
245432-0270-E1 Engine
245432-0270-E9 Engine
245432-0274-E1 Engine
245432-0274-E9 Engine
245432-0290-E1 Engine
245432-0290-E2 Engine
245432-0290-E9 Engine
245432-0519-E1 Engine
245432-0519-E2 Engine
245432-0521-E1 Engine
245432-0521-E9 Engine
245432-0527-E1 Engine
245432-0527-E9 Engine
245432-0529-E1 Engine
245432-0538-E1 Engine
245432-0544-E1 Engine
245432-0545-E1 Engine
245432-0546-E1 Engine
245432-0546-E9 Engine
245432-0548-01 Engine
245432-0549-E1 Engine
245432-0553-E1 Engine
245432-0557-E1 Engine
245432-0562-E1 Engine
245432-0565-E1 Engine
245432-0565-E9 Engine
245432-0566-E1 Engine
245432-0566-E9 Engine
245432-0567-E1 Engine
245432-0567-E9 Engine
245432-0577-E1 Engine
245432-0577-E9 Engine
245432-0579-E1 Engine
245432-0579-E9 Engine
245435-0303-E9 Engine
245435-0561-E1 Engine
245436-0133-E9 Engine
245436-0541-E1 Engine
245436-0564-E1 Engine
245436-0564-E9 Engine
245436-0576-E1 Engine
245436-0576-E9 Engine
245437-0074-01 Engine
245437-0076-01 Engine
245437-0080-01 Engine
245437-0084-01 Engine
245437-0128-01 Engine
245437-0271-E1 Engine
245437-0271-E9 Engine
245437-0276-E1 Engine
245437-0280-E1 Engine
245437-0280-E2 Engine
245437-0280-E9 Engine
245437-0284-A1 Engine
245437-0284-E1 Engine
245437-0284-E2 Engine
245437-0284-E9 Engine
245437-0523-E1 Engine
245437-0523-E2 Engine
245437-0528-E1 Engine
245437-0528-E9 Engine
245437-0532-E1 Engine
245437-0539-E1 Engine
245437-0550-E1 Engine
245437-0555-E1 Engine
245437-0556-E1 Engine
245437-0559-E1 Engine
245437-0563-E1 Engine
245437-0580-E1 Engine
245437-0580-E9 Engine
245437-0581-E9 Engine
247432-0113-B1 Engine
247432-0113-E1 Engine


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  • Product Warranty: 3 Months Warranty
  • Manufactured by: Briggs & Stratton
  • Condition: NEW
  • SKU: 496881

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